"Everything is public, relayed, connected. And I can not say I totally do not care. I only have to decide if it devastates me or not. And I decided that this celebrity was not going to fuck me up. Otherwise, I’d be crazy. Mad about googling my name and seeing it spread everywhere, in millions of entries, my love stories, my failures, my mistakes. I have no choice other than survival."

- Kristen interview, French translated from Obsession Magazine, Sept. 2014 (via stewart-quotes)

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It’s making me so sad seeing these articles all over the place about “FKA Twigs getting racist comments from Kristen fans.”

I hate how this is being generalised. I’m a Kristen fan and I’m honestly disgusted with some of the comments etc that have been sent to FKA Twigs….

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One of the things you can expect is that I’m really trying to challenge myself in every single way possible to make music that doesn’t sound like music I’ve made before, when you get into the album there are a lot of late eighties sounds and vocal stylings and production elements. We were really just playing around with this album and didn’t limit ourselves, what ended up happening was we made an album that really sounds like an album, it’s really sonically cohesive, and I’m really proud of it. 

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